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We Are English Talk

English Talk is a one the pioneer who believe that people can improve their language skill with distance learning method without attending class physically since 2004. We build the environment and encourage each other to grow to speak and practice English every day.

With these methods, English Talk also became one of the best partners for corporate needs, especially to improve their employee English Speaking skill.

Salam kenal dari English Talk
Words from Director

Words from Director

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Since 2004, student could practice anytime and anywhere by using their phone. English Talk also facilitate with class for our student that need intensive course.

By that time, English Talk always believe that technology is one of the greatest supports to improve our language skills. Before the COVID-19 was spreading, English Talk has developed our new app for our student. They can practice with our app, voice or video call without consuming phone package.

Perjalanan English Talk

We develop a revolutionary app-based program to support our students to practice English effectively and efficiently. Our approach to practice English allows students to gradually build their confidence, vocabulary and pronunciation with a certified professional tutor. Highly recommended for people who want to learn English at their own pace.

English Talk apps aims to aid students around Indonesia to practice anytime and anywhere. We a lot of passionate tutors that ready to assist you with the best English language environment. We believe that the other teach you English, we make you speak.

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