English Talk Program

English Talk is designed to help you master English Language with a more practical and efficient yet effective method.

Learning English is made much easier with English Talk.

If you do not have the time to learn English, or cannot keep up with the set schedule to attend English Classes or do not like to get stuck in traffic to attend English Lessons, or you feel bored of learning English and do not find yourself comfortable in the classroom or even feel that the curriculum offered is not right for you?

You need not worry anymore!! The English Talk Program will overcome all those problems:

  • You do not have to come to class
  • You can learn anywhere and at your mostconvenient time
  • The program is tailored made to suit individual needs and weaknesses
  • You can practice speaking English everyday
  • Guided and given Personal attention by professional, skilled and highly qualified Tutors
  • Suitable for all ages

Call us now to make an appointment with our Professional Course Advisors and soon you will be speaking English Fluently!!!

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  • "Extraordinary Indeed. I enrolled myself in English Talk in the year 2009. Due to unavoidable work assignments, I had to be posted in Aceh and Tanjung Pinang and therefore I had to take a break from the course for almost 3 years. After 3 years, when I contacted English Talk to resume my lessons, I was very much welcomed and allowed to resume my lessons at no extra cost. Thanks English Talk !!!"

    –Mr. Makmur Rahardjo, MM
    Navy Officer
    Indonesian Armed Forces

  • "Learning English is actually very difficult for me. I have studied English for more than 3 years in formal school and also in some English Courses but I have never succeeded in mastering it. But after learning with English Talk, I feel it is not difficult to speak English because I can practice and speak English with the tutors every day. I would highly recommend English Talkto all those who would like to speak English fluently. Bravo English Talk."

    –Mr. Djoko Suprianto
    Assistant Manager Micro Business
    Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)

  • "After being a student of English Talk, I have enrolled my wife and one of my friends at English Talk. I have also recommended English Talk to many of my friends. I think that statement is proof enough of my opinion regarding English Talk."

    –Mr. Dedy Kurniadi
    Owner Dedy Kurniadi & Co. Lawyers

  • "The teaching learning process in English Talk is very different. It has helped me a lot to improve my ability to converse fluently in English"

    –Mr. Andrie Kisroh S.
    Trunojoyo University

  • "The tutors in English Talk are great. They are very nice and are very professional in their job as English Tutors."

    –Ms. Debby N.
    Finance Staff
    Asuransi Central Asia

  • "I always contact English Talk when I am stuck in a traffic jam on the way home and I think this is the best way to get rid of the tensions of getting stuck in a traffic jam. I could feel the difference the moment I started learning English with English Talk. The tutors are always on stand by to help me improve my proficiency in English."

    –Mr. Eddy Jahja
    Manager PT. Indokemika Jayatama

  • "I want to improve my English Skills, but I have no time because I have to work from Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Everyday I am faced with a lot of work and a very busy schedule but with the English Talk method, I can practice my English Everyday. The Tutors are friendly and very helpful. Thanks a lot English Talk."

    –Mrs. Ina Aniati
    Head of Disease Prevention & Control
    Surabaya City Health Office

  • "Since Joining English Talk, my husband and me could improve our language especially in Conversation. I used to find it very difficult to understand people when they speak in English but not anymore after learning with English Talk. You have been very helpful."

    –Mrs. Fatimah Indarso
    Staff of Pediatric Department
    DR. Sutomo Hospital